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Cristina Cuomo posts list of coronavirus ‘remedies’

In a recent blog post titled “The Cuomos’ Corona Protocol” on the website Christina Cuomo, diagnosed with coronavirus, shares some of the things she has done to “push it out over the week.” Christina Cuomo shares, that a doctor by the name of Roxanna Namavar from Pretty Healthy NYC, pays a visit to Cuomo, she writes. “She shows up in her full hazmat outfit and 3M mask. I got magnesium, NAC (a precursor to glutathione, said to be very helpful against COVID-19), vitamin C with lysine, proline, and B complex, folic acid, zinc, selenium, glutathione and caffeine (to combat the headache).” Some sensible suggestions, such as a series of regular supplements were, Zinc, Vitamins B and D, Vitamin C powder, which help to maintain the body’s immune system.

To Read more on Christina Cuomo’s Covid-19 Experience visit her blog by clicking here.

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